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Herbert Capon Birth Registration Transcription ©

Herbert Capon was born in the 3rd quarter of 1895 in Wotton to Joseph “Benjamin” Capon and Mary Capon nee Greenfield.

Herbert Capon 1901 Census ©

At the time of the 1901 Census, Joseph was working as an agricultural labourer, the couple lived with Mary’s father William Greenfield at Sheep Green Cottage, Wotton. The household further comprised of the couple’s children: Ruth Capon and Herbert Capon.

Herbert Capon 1911 Census ©

At the time of the 1911 Census, the Capons were still living with William, but had moved to Rowe Mount Cottage in Coldharbour, Surrey. Joseph was working as a farm labourer. The household further comprised of their children: farm labourer Harry, Ruth and gardener Herbert. The accommodation had seven rooms. Mary stated that she had given birth to eight children of whom five were still alive.

Herbert Capon enlisted on the 7th of September 1914 in Cranleigh, Surrey into the Royal Army Medical Corps. He was a Private with regimental number: 40014. At the time of his enlistment he was working as a gardener. He was 5ft 10inches tall and weighted 154lbs. He had a fair complexion, grey eyes and brown hair.

Herbert Capon WW1 Medal Roll Index Card ©

Herbert served from the 7th of September 1914 to the 5th of July 1915 on the home front.

On the 5th of July 1915 Herbert Capon was discharged from the Army as he was no longer physically fit for war service. He suffered Tympanic Membrane Perforation in both of his ears. (ruptured eardrums)

1915 Medical Board Report reads that on the 19th of February 1915 Herbert Capon contracted measles at Aldershot and was treated at the Isolation Hospital. On sick furlough he had a second attack of measles with bronchitis and earache, followed by discharge from both ears. He also suffered pains in his head and attacks of vertigo.

In June 1916 Herbert’s medical report reads that he had both eardrums perforated but the discharge lessened and his hearing improved slightly. Nevertheless, he was giddy when he stood and was getting severe pains in his head. He was also not being able to work at all since his discharge from the Army.

In May 1917 it was reported that Herbert was working as a gardener for Mr Highford at The Lodge, Hartsfield, Betchworth, Surrey. He worked for Mr Highford from June 1916. Herbert was now able to hear raised voices on his right ear but heard little or nothing with left ear. There was no discharge from either ear for the last 3 months. Herbert was still giddy upon standing, but had no pain in the head.

Herbert Capon Death Registration Transcription ©

Herbert Capon died on the 5th of February 1918 in the Registration District of Dorking, Surrey.

Herbert’s father Joseph Benjamin Capon died in the 1st quarter of 1917 in the Registration District of Dorking, Surrey.

Herbert’s brother Harry was killed on the 15th July 1916 on the Somme aged 35.

Capon Family History

Hebert’s father Joseph Benjamin Capon was born in the 3rd quarter of 1850 in Ockley, Surrey to farm labourer Benjamin Capon, born about 1806 in Ockley, Surrey and Harriet Capon, born about 1825 in Leigh, Surrey. Joseph was baptised on the 1st of September 1850 at St Margaret’s church in Ockley. At the time of the 1871 Census, Joseph was a farm servant of farmer John Worsfold at Isemonger’s Farm, Ewhurst, Surrey.

Hebert’s mother Mary Greenfield was born in the 3rd quarter of 1852 in Ockley, to agricultural labourer and gamekeeper William Greenfield, born about 1822 in Billingshurst, Sussex and Sarah Greenfield, born about 1832 in Dorking. Mary was baptised on the 26th of September 1852 in Wotton. At the time of the baptism the family lived in Ockley and William was working as a labourer.

Joseph and Mary married, by Banns, on the 22nd of April 1876 at St John the Evangelist’s church in Wotton, Surrey. The couple lived in Wotton and Joseph was working as a farm labourer.

Herbert had five known siblings: Ann born about 1877; George born about 1879; Harry born about 1881; William born about 1883 and Ruth born about 1885, all in Wotton, Surrey.

At the time of the 1881 Census, agricultural labourer Joseph and Mary were living with Mary’s father, gamekeeper, William at Sheep Green Cottage, Wotton. The household also comprised of Mary’s brothers: game keeper George Greenfield and agricultural labourer Mark Greenfield and Mary’s children: Ann, George and Harry.

At the time of the 1891 Census, Joseph was still working as a agricultural labourer. The family including Mary’s brother Mark, were still living with Mary’s father at Sheep Green Cottage. Mary and Joseph had also added Ruth and William to their family.

Born                                 Wotton

Son of                              Joseph “Benjamin” and Mary Capon
Brother of                         Harry Capon

Regiment                          Royal Medical Army Corps
Number                            40014

Date of Death                    5th February 1918
Place of Death                   Dorking, Surrey
Cause of Death                  Died of natural causes

Age                                     23

Cemetery                           Christ Church Coldhabour Churchyard

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