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Reginald Geoffrey Pole was born on the 12th of June 1888 in Dorking, Surrey to schoolmaster and priest Edward Augustus Pole and Rachel Elizabeth Dean Pole nee Fairless. He was baptised on the 1st of July 1888 at St Martin’s church in Dorking. At the time of their marriage the couple lived in Rose Hill, Dorking and Edward was working as a schoolmaster.

Reginald Geoffrey Pole 1891 Census ©

At the time of the 1891 Census, two year old Reginald was staying at the household of auctioneer’s clerk Walter J. White at Westcott Road, Westcott. The household further comprised of Mr White’s family and a servant. Walter was born about 1851 in Long Ditton, Surrey. Mr White’s wife was born about 1843 and had India Bengal Residency.

Reginald Geoffrey Pole 1901 Census ©

At the time of the 1901 Census, Reginald lived with his adoptive father, auctioneer’s clerk, Walter at 3 Victoria Terrace, Dorking, Surrey. The household further comprised of Mr White’s new wife Ellen, his children and a servant. Ellen.

Reginald Geoffrey Pole and Harriett E Jones ©

Reginald married Harriett E. Jones in the 3rd quarter of 1915 in Prestwich, Lancashire.

Reginald enlisted in Manchester into the 23rd Battalion, the Manchester Regiment. He was a Private with regimental numbers 22838 and 24123. At the time of his enlistment he resided in Manchester. Later he was transferred into the 11th Battalion, the Bedfordshire Regiment. He was a Private with regimental number 240980.

At the time of his death he was part of the 2nd Battalion, the Bedfordshire Regiment. His regimental number remained 240980.

Reginald died in an action on or since 22nd of March 1918 in France.

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He is commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France on Panels 28 and 29.

Reginald Geoffrey Pole Soldiers Effects ©

Harriett E. Pole received £21, 1s and 11d on the 11th of December 1919 in Soldier’s Effects.

Reginald Geoffrey’s father Edward Augustus Pole died in 1951 in the Registration District of Leeds. He was 90 years old.

Pole Family History

Reginald’s father Edward Augustus Pole was born about 1861 in Devon, Plymouth to military officer George Henry Law Pole of Plymouth. On the 26th of January 1878 Edward matriculated from Oxford University.

Reginald’s mother Rachel Elizabeth Dean Fairless was born about 1852 in Crieff, Perth in Scotland to Doctor of medicine at St Andrew’s university and a member of The Royal College of Surgeons William Dean Fairless, born about 1823 in Hexham, Northumberland and Christine Douglas Fairless nee White, born about 1827 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. At the time of the 1861 Census, William was a medical officer in charge of the Montrose Lunatic Asylum where he and his family lived.

Edward and Rachel married, by Banns, on the 28th of June 1881 at St Giles’ Church in Oxford. At the time of their marriage Edward lived at 45 St Giles’ in Oxford. Rachel lived at 18, Crescent Road, Oxford.

Reginald had seven known siblings: Rachel Mary born about 1882 in York; Alice A. born about 1884 in Hampstead; George Edward born about 1886 in Norwood, Surrey; Rose Beatrice born about 1887 in Dorking; Adele Vera born about 1891; Brenda Kate born about 1893 and Lorna Sybil born about 1895, all in Alvescot, Oxfordshire.

At the time of the 1891 Census, Reginald’s family lived at Mill Lane, Alvescot, Oxfordshire. Edward Augustus was a schoolmaster and Rachel Elizabeth Dean was at home. The household further comprised of their children: Rachel Mary, George Edward, Rose Beatrice, Adele Vera and a servant.

At the time of the 1901 Census, Reginald’s family lived at 20 Chatsworth Square, Carlisle, Cumberland. Edward was a Church of England priest and Rachel was at home. The household further comprised of their children: Rachel, Alice, George, Rose, Adele, Brenda, Lorna and a servant.

At the time of the 1911 Census, Reginald’s family lived at 90 Aglionby, Carlisle, Cumberland. Edward was a clerk in Holy Orders and Rachel was at home. The household further comprised of their children: sick nurse Rachel, bank clerk George, Brenda and Lorna. Rachel stated that she had given birth to nine children of whom seven were alive. The accommodation had ten rooms.

In 1914 Reginald Geoffrey’s father, Canon of Carlisle, Edward Augustus Pole became the centre of a scandal.

“At Carlisle, on Saturday, the Bishop of Carlisle held a public inquiry regarding the appeal to his Lordship by Minor Canon Edward Augustus Pole, Carlisle, under Cathedral statutes, against his dismissal by the Dean and Chapter on the ground of alleged indiscreet conduct with a lady in the neighbourhood.

Three members of the Carlisle City Police spoke of seeing the appellant near the house of the lady in question late at night.

Edward Pole Misconduct Inquiry 19th October 1914 © The Scotsman

Mrs Elizabeth Rachel Pole, wife of the appellant, said that in August 1912 she had a feeling that the friendship between her husband and the lady was too great. Her husband was out late at night. She had spoken to him about the acquaintanceship, and he had said there was no harm in it. In June 1913 Mr Pole said he would rather have a room to himself. A deed of separation was drawn up in August. She made several attempts to get her husband to give up his friendship with the lady, to whom she had ceased to speak. In February last her husband said to her that it would be better if she would bow to the lady, and she replied that if he gave the lady up she would. He then said, ‘If you hear these stories, and you are pretty sure to hear them, it would be as well if you could at least pretend to be indignant.’ He added, ‘If it comes to the Dean and Chapter I shall be done for.’ Mrs Pole declared that she did not wish to ruin her husband.” (19 October 1914 The Scotsman)

Edward Pole Misconduct Inquiry 20th October 1914 © The Scotsman

Even though the “affair” had been a matter of general conversation Canon Pole appealed against his dismissal.

“Canon Pole gave evidence. He said his thirty-three years of married life had been by no means happy, on account of his wife’s jealous disposition. He had been acquainted with Mrs Leys for two years, but there was nothing improper in his visits to her. When before the Dean and Chapter he refused to resign, although certain inducements were held out to him. Appellant’s three daughters gave evidence of their friendship with Mrs Leys even after Mrs Pole had objected to it. They had taken the side of their father. Mrs Leys gave evidence denying any impropriety, and said she did not consider Mr Pole had acted indiscreetly.” (20 October 1914 The Scotsman)

Edward Pole Misconduct Inquiry 29th October 1914 © The Scotsman

Carlisle Cannon’s appeal was dismissed. “His Lordship, in dismissing the appeal, states that there was no evidence that Mr Pole’s relationship with the lady were of guilty character, but the fact that the lady had obtained divorce from her husband and lived in a house absolutely alone, that Mr Pole visited her late at night, and that this resulted in unhappy relations with his wife, from whom he now lives apart, were facts likely to cause scandal; and inasmuch as Mr Pole had been warned by the Bishop of Barrow, he holds the Dean and Chapter were justified in expelling Mr Pole. “(29 October 1914 The Scotsman)

Born                          Dorking, Surrey
Lived                         Manchester

Son of                       Edward Augustus and Rachel Elizabeth Dean Pole (nee Fairless)

Regiment                   2nd Battalion. Bedfordshire Regiment
Number                     240980

Date of Death             22nd March 1918
Place of Death            Somme, France
Cause of Death          Killed in action

Age                            29

Memorial                    Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France.

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