Town Life

Dorking in 1850Dorking in 1914With a population of over 7,000, by the late 19th century Dorking and the villages were home to civic institutions of all kinds: churches, chapels, schools, volunteer fire brigades, brass bands and benevolent institutions like the Oddfellows and the Ancient Order of Foresters.

Maps by Beryl Higgins. Permission of Dorking Local History Group

Old Paulonians Cycle ClubAt leisure, the town hosted scores of clubs and societies: football, rugby and cricket teams, cycling and river swimming clubs; political societies, both supporting and opposing the vote for women; choirs, drama societies and bands. And no celebration – jubilee or coronation – was complete without sports, tea and a parade. The photograph shows The Old Paulonians Cycling Club, George V coronation procession, 1911. Image: Dorking Museum


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