Vintage and Second Hand Books About Surrey

These books are all vintage or second hand – please note the condition, they could be showing signs of wear and tear.

Abinger Parish Church by J.A. Gibbs

A History of Abinger Parish Church by Churchwarden J. A. Gibbs. 

Duplicate item from our Museum Library.

22 pages. Published in 1944

Priced at £3.50

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Crossways Farm, Abinger by Shirley Corke

A duplicate item from our Museum Archive.

16 page booklet printed in 1992.

Describes the history of the farm in Abinger Hammer.  There is a bit of water damage to the inside pages – but all pages are completely readable.

Priced at £2.00

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Box Hill by Geoff Chapman & Bob Young

Published in 1979. 166 page history of Box Hill, focussing on the wildlife in the area.

This is a second hand book and is showing signs of wear.

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Essays on the Historical Development of Capel 2009

A booklet on Capel history produced by the Capel History Group.

Donated by a Museum supporter

32 pages. Published in 2009. Priced at £3.00

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The Deepdene Dorking by Doris Mercer and Alan A. Jackson

The Deepdene Dorking

There has been a house in this location from 1400, but the period that most people know the name Deepdene from is the Hope era (1808 – 1912).

Thomas Hope bought the house in 1808 and furnished it to rival his already famous Duchess Street House. After his death in 1831, the house left to his son Henry Thomas Hope who added to the house and the land. From here the house passed to the 6th Duke of Newcastle who let the great house lapse into a steady decline.

Its subsequent reincarnations as hotel and headquarters of Southern Railways during the Second World War added to the houses demise and it was eventually demolished in 1969.

This book has 74 pages with black and white photos and drawings. Published in 1996. 

This is an ex-Dorking Museum library book – and has a stamp on the back inside pages. There is also wear on the back cover. Otherwise the book is in good condition. It is priced at £2.50.

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Dorking. A Surrey Market Town by Vivien Ettlinger, Alan A Jackson, Brian Overell

Donated by a Museum supporter. There is a name and address written on the inside cover – but the book itself is in good condition.

There has been a settlement in this corner of the Mole Valley since Roman times. This very informative book traces the growth and expansion of this town all the way from the Romans right through to the end of the 20th Century.

All the authors of the book have spent many years living in Dorking and are all experts in their fields.

This book is 124 pages with black and white drawings and pictures. 

Paperback. Published 1991. It is priced at £2.00

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Pub Walks in South Surrey by John Quarendon

This is a second hand book – but is in good condition.

Published in 2003.

Walks around Abinger, Dorking, Westhumble, Coldharbour etc. 

96 pages. It is priced at £3.00.

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The Tillingbourne River Story by Shere, Gomshall and Peaslake Local History Society

The history of the river in Wotton, Abinger, Gomshall, Shere, Albury, Chilworth and Shalford, Surrey.

A duplicate item from our Museum library.

40 pages. Published in 1984. It is priced at £2.50

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Ups and Downs in Surrey by Leonard Kitching

Book One : Walks in the North Downs between The Mole Gap and the Merstam Gap.

40 walks to the North of Dorking.

Donated by a Museum supporter

464 pages. Published in 2006. It is priced at £7.50

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