Vintage and Second Hand Books About Dorking and Surrey

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic – we will only be sending books out once a week.

These books are all vintage or second hand – please note the condition, they could be showing signs of wear and tear.

The South Street Caves, Dorking

Donated by a Museum supporter.

A booklet by Cliff Weight, published in 1988.

The booklet is 28 pages and has black and white photographs and line drawings.

In good condition – a very small mark on the back.

Priced at £2.00.

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A Commoner’s Cottage by Frances Mountford

Donated by a Museum supporter.

This book is the story of a humble cottage on the edge of Holmwood Common in Surrey which has been there for over four hundred years – and home to thirteen families.

Frances Mountford lived in the cottage and traced its history.

First published in 1992 and reprinted in 1995. 160 pages with coloured drawings.

The book has damage to the top of the spine – and slight damage to the inside cover.

Priced at £4.00

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The Villages of Abinger Common and Wotton by Terence O’Kelly

Abinger Common and Wotton are two small villages on the north slope of Leith Hill. Neither conforms to the text book picture of the English village. Until about 1900 both villages consisted of a few isolated cottages and farms, and hamlets of half-a-dozen cottages, along with a handful of ‘big houses’.

Terence O’Kelly’s book traces the geography and history of these two villages from Roman times to the present day.

Published in 1988.

The book is in goodish condition – the cover has come away from the spine slightly.

 56 pages with black and white photographs and drawings. 

The book is priced at £2.00

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Crossways Farm – Owners and Some Occupiers by Shirley Corke

A brief history of a 17th Century Farm.

The farmhouse in George Meredith’s “Diana of the Crossways”.

Published in 1992. 16 pages with black and white photographs and drawings.

The book has been damaged by water – but is perfectly readable. Includes literature from when the house was a Bed and Breakfast.

The book is priced at £3.00.

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Remembered – Betchworth Men 1914 – 1919 by Karen Wilson

Biographies of all the soldiers who died in World War One and are remembered on the Betchworth War Memorial.

Donated by a Museum supporter. 

64 pages. Published in 2014 with colour, black and white photographs.

The booklet is priced at £2.00.

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Milton Court – Heritage Regained

Donated by a Museum supporter

This is a vintage book – but is in good condition.

The book is a history of the house, focusing on the renovation. Also a chapter on architect William Burges and Lachlan Mackintosh Rate.

52 pages. Published in 1993 by Unum. The book is priced at £5.00

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The Holloway Dorking : Medieval Farm to Modern Estate by Vivien Ettlinger

Donation from a Museum supporter. In good condition.

Signed by the author.

Medieval farm to modern estate.

Published in 1997. 48 pages with black and white drawings and maps.

The book is priced at £3.00

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A Green and Pleasant Heritage by Patricia Bennett

A History of the Dorking and District Preservation Society 1980 – 2000.

Donated by a Museum supporter. Signed by the author.

32 pages. Published in 2002.

The booklet is priced at £1.50.

Buy the book online here.

The Story of Dorking Parish Church

Duplicate item from our Museum Library.

24 pages. The booklet includes adverts from local Dorking businesses.

The booklet is priced at £2.50

Buy the book online here.

Concerning the Three Churches in Dorking Dedicated to St. Martin

The Ancient, the Intermediate and the Present

Records, memories and conjectures by an Old Inhabitant.

Donated by a Museum supporter. There is an inscription on the inside page. A few of the pages have age marks. The bottom of the spine is slightly damaged.

54 pages. Published in 1917.

The book is priced at £5.00.

To see more images or to buy it online click here.

Leigh Place, Surrey and its Owners by John Watney

Donated by a Museum supporter.

The book has an inscription – a couple of pages have come loose – and (I think) there’s a couple of extra photographs that have been tucked into the book.

Published in 1893. 50 pages with Black and White photographs and line drawings. For more photographs of the book – click on the buying link.

The book is priced at £10.00.

Buy the book online here.

Kemp’s Dorking and District Local Directory 1962/3

Map still attached.

A list of companies / shops and residents – along with local adverts. 

The directory is priced at £5.00

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Mole Valley District Council – Architectural Plans

12 page booklet published in 1988.

A guide to the architectural plans of Pippbrook.

The booklet is priced at 50p

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Mickleham War Memorial

Historical profiles of the men whose names are listed on the Cross of Remembrance Mickleham, Surrey

Researched and compiled by the Mickleham & Westhumble Local History Group 2014-2016.

This booklet is 52 pages with black and white and colour photographs.

Published 2016.

The booklet is showing signs of wear – but is perfectly readable.

The booklet is priced at £3.00.

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The House on the Hill. The Story of Ranmore and Denbies by S.E.D. Fortescue

Including biographies of the people who lived in the houses, including Jonathan Myers and Thomas Cubitt.

Published in 1993. 124 pages.

The book is in good condition and signed by the author.

The book is priced at £6.00

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A Survey of the Prehistory of the Farnham District

Prepared for the Surrey Archaeological Society by K. P. Oakley, W. F. Rankine and A.W.G. Lowther.

270 pages with black and white drawings and fold out maps. One map is ripped.

Published in 1939.

Ex library book – so stamps etc. Front cover has been damaged.

The book is priced at £20.00

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The Surrey Village Book by Graham Collyer

 Donated by a Museum supporter.

Contains a description of over 140 Surrey villages, recalling the history, people and events that have given each its particular flavour.

First published in 1984 and reprinted in 1990. 168 pages with black and white pencil drawings.

The book is in good overall condition – with no marks or inscriptions

Priced at £2.00.

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Surrey of one hundred years ago – Aylwin Guilmant 

Surrey, one of England’s smallest countries, has for centuries embodied contrasts in style and appearance. In the North, where its boundary is the Thames, there is industrial and, more recently, suburban London, and further south, are the more rural area of the Downs and the Weald, which were the playground for Londoners for centuries.

This book looks at these dual areas as they were a century ago.

Published in 1997, 116 pages with black and white and colour photographs and accompanying text.

The book is priced at £3.00.

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Portrait of Surrey by Basil E. Cracknell

Surrey is one of the most beautiful countries in Britain – and one of the most threatened. With its wide open chalklands, its pine-dotted ridges, its vast area of heathland and common, and its many attractive villages and country towns, Surrey is indeed a lovely county. Yet in its very beauty lies its greatest danger. For lying, as it does, at the very doorstep of London, the country is invaded every fine weekend by an army of cars. Of course people need to escape from the drabness of suburbia, but all too often they destroy the very peace and quiet they come to enjoy. This cruel dilemma, although not confined to Surrey, is more acute there than anywhere else in Britain, and it forms a principal theme of this book.

Book is in good overall condition.

255 pages with black and white drawings and photographs. Published in 1970.

Priced at £2.00.

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On Your Bike in Surrey by Valerie Bennett

Donated by a Museum supporter

The Surrey Hills offer many opportunities for excellent cycling.  The routes chosen for this guide are designed to encourage leisure cyclists, family groups and even the seasoned cyclist.  

The routes vary in length from 12 to 32 miles and are fully described in the text and shown on the accompanying maps.

96 pages. Published in 2001. Reprinted in 2005. The book is priced at £2.50

Buy it online here.

Pub Walks in South Surrey by John Quarendon

This is a second hand book – but is in good condition.

Published in 2003.
Walks around Abinger, Dorking, Westhumble, Coldharbour etc. 

96 pages. It is priced at £3.00.

Buy the book online here.

Growing Up In Westcott by David Knight

Written by local author David Knight – this is an affectionate account of life in a small Surrey village throughout the 1940’s and 1950’s. 

Surplus item from the Museum shop – with stickers on the front cover.

Published in 1995. 28 pages.

The booklet is priced at £1.00

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All Saints’ Blackheath – The War Memorial Screen by Julian Bowsher & Robert Williams

195 men left Blackheath in South East London to fight in the Great War of whom 39 paid the ultimate price.

This publication which is the result of tireless work and a great commitment by both authors, will serve future generations well.

Published in 2018, 72 pages with black and white and colour photographs.

The book is priced at £3.00

Buy it online here.

The Penguin Guide to Sussex by F. R. Banks

1957 Edition of the Penguin Book. 

A donation from a Museum supporter.

381 pages with black and white maps.

The book is priced at £2.00

Buy it online here.

Dorking 1875 – The German Conquest of Britain Game


In 1871, G.T. Chesney’s “The Battle of Dorking” imagined an ill-prepared and outdated British military humiliated by the Prussian war machine. The story sent shockwaves throughout the horrified general public, and jump-started important reforms in the military. It also birthed a new genre, “invasion literature”, which influenced sci-fi classics like “War of the Worlds” and “Day of the Triffids”.

The mechanisms are simple and straightforward, with important differences in technology and doctrine built-in and handled behind the scenes so that the players can focus on manoeuvre and attack without having to compute odds or round off factors. The turn structure is intermingled so that the players trade off phases over the course of the turn, keeping everyone interested and engaged in the proceedings.Includes:

  • 88 die-cut counters
  • One huge stylish 17×22 inch map 
  • One 20 page rulebook

The game is priced at £7.50.

For full images and to buy in our online shop – click here.

Dorking – Treasure Hunt Themed Treasure Trail

Donated by a Dorking Museum volunteer – the trail is still in its packet.

Are you looking for something to do with family and friends or seeking a fun day out with the kids in Dorking?

Then why not explore Dorking on this self-guided Treasure Hunt themed Treasure Trail. As you follow the Trail route, can you solve the sneaky clues set on existing buildings, permanent features and monuments to discover the location of the buried treasure?

The Trail starts at The Dorking Halls and follows a route past the Mill Pond and through the charming streets of this town, full of character. Once you’ve solved all the clues, you will find yourself up high on the Heath with a splendid view of the surrounding area.

The trail is priced at £3.00

Buy it online here.

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