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Our loan boxes are now available to borrow once again.  Even though the Museum remains closed to the public for the time being,  the loan boxes can be collected and returned at pre-arranged times.  Covid-19 procedures are in place to ensure that you can safely use the loan boxes.

Atlee's Circus Arrives on Dorking High Street
Atlee’s Circus Arrives on Dorking High Street © Dorking Museum

This Loan Box is designed to help your class investigate what life was like in Dorking through time and how the town has grown and changed.  The Loan Box contents will allow you to explore four topics: the story of Dorking as a Market Town along with 3 periods of time in the past – using maps, images, photos, handling objects, documents and costume along with the story of a local person who was important in Dorking and beyond. The resources will help children learn how changes through time have made Dorking what it is today.

  1. Key learning objectives
  • What was Dorking like in the past, and how has Dorking become what it is today?
  • How do we find out about our local history?
  • Who are some significant people who have helped Dorking become what it is today?
  • What can their stories tell us about what life was like in Dorking during their lifetimes?   
  • Links to the National Curriculum history topic
  • knowledge and understanding of events, people, and changes in the past
  • historical interpretation
  • historical enquiry
  • organisation and communication
  • Key skills
  • using a variety of sources of evidence, including primary sources and interpretation
  • making comparisons
  • understanding chronology and chronological order
  • using maps as evidence

More details of Dorking’s local history can be found on these web pages.

Click here for further information and contents of the box.

Click on each image of the maps, that can be downloaded or be used on your interactive white board.

Dorking in 1649
Dorking in 1870
Dorking in 1934

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