Toys Loan Box

Our loan boxes are designed to support teaching and learning of National Curriculum topics.

Toys Loan Box

Toys Loan Box  

This box is chock-a-block full of toys that the children can have a go with as well as toys to look at and compare, consider and discuss.

The Toys Loan Box supports the Key Stage One National Curriculum History topic in the following areas:

Knowledge, skills and understanding

Chronological understanding

1. b. use common words and phrases relating to the passing of time

Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past

2. b. identify differences between ways of life at different times.

Historical interpretation

3. identify different ways in which the past is represented.

Historical enquiry

4. a. how to find out about the past from a range of sources of information

b. to ask and answer questions about the past.

This loans box will provide children with opportunities to:

  • view and discuss a selection of toys from the past
  • identify similarities and differences between some old and new toys
  • develop their speaking and listening skills
  • use appropriate vocabulary associated with the passing of time
  • play, in small groups, with some of the toys
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