Vintage and Second Hand Books about our surrounding villages


Betchworth Within Living Memory – The Big Houses of Betchworth

Donated by a Museum supporter.

A 35 page booklet with black and white drawings.

The booklet gives detailed histories of “The Big Houses of Betchworth”.

The book is showing age marks on the bottom of some of the pages.

Priced at £1.00.

Buy it online here.


The Lost Villages by Kathy Atherton

Donated by a Museum supporter – this book is a little discoloured on the spine.

Holmwood Common: a place of ‘thieves, vagabonds and idlers’ or ‘a very paradise’?

From Stone-age hunter, medieval farmer, smuggler, horse-thief, rioting labourer and Victorian bar-fighter to modern porn queen: the Lost Villages tells the story of the villages of the Holmwood.

Meet the victims of runaway wagons and out-of-control horse-buses, the mystery skeleton and the Great Train Robbers. Encounter the coach-driving millionaire, the Prince Regent’s divorce lawyer and Queen Victoria’s favourite sculptor. And discover the ‘Holmwood Campaign’ of 1912 when Holmwood hit the headlines and businesses feared for their windows on an invasion of suffragettes.

 Kathy Atherton is in charge of Exhibitions for Dorking Museum – and lives in North Holmwood.

This book has 112 pages with black and white and coloured pictures and drawings. Published in 2008.

Priced at £3.00.

Buy it online here.

A Commoner’s Cottage by Frances Mountford

Donated by a Museum supporter.

This book is the story of a humble cottage on the edge of Holmwood Common in Surrey which has been there for over four hundred years – and home to thirteen families.

Frances Mountford lived in the cottage and traced its history.

First published in 1992 and reprinted in 1995. 160 pages with coloured drawings.

The book has damage to the top of the spine – and slight damage to the inside cover.

Priced at £4.00.

Buy it online here.

To a Great Lady and two Great Gentlemen by Bill Smith

Donated by a Museum supporter.

The story of Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt and Frederick and Emmeline Pethick Lawrence of the Deepdene and Holmwood.

Published in 1987. 46 pages with black and white photographs.

Priced at £2.00.

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The House on the Hill. The Story of Ranmore and Denbies by S.E.D. Fortescue

Including biographies of the people who lived in the houses, including Jonathan Myers and Thomas Cubitt.

Published in 1993. 124 pages.

The book is in good condition.

The book is priced at £3.00.

Buy it online here.


Shere, Gomshall & Peaslake – A Short History

Donated by a Museum supporter, this book is faded on the spine.

 First published in 1981 – reprinted in 1997.

32 pages with black and white photographs and drawings.

Priced at £1.50

Buy it online here.

Tillingbourne Valley – Compiled by Michael Miller

Published 1996. The Chalford Publishing Company Ltd.

This beautiful valley lying between Dorking and Guildford has attracted visitors and settlers for centuries. The reliable supply of flowing water through the valley attracted early industry in the form of mills and other activities that depended on water power. These early activities have left their mark on the landscape.

A fascinating photographic record exists of life and times in the valley over the last century and this book includes a sequence of the best of these images through the villages of Gomshall, Shere, Albury, Chilworth and Shalford and the picturesque houses and landscapes in-between.

Priced at £2.00.

Buy it online here

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