Loan Box Artefacts Appeal

Artefact wishlist

Education and Outreach at the museum is working to build up the handling collection.  We are always on the lookout for objects that are in good condition that can be used for supervised and unsupervised handling by school children of all ages, community groups, family groups, elders and so forth.

Artefacts will be used to convey aspects of life in the past (home life, work life, school life, community life) and to illustrate how the past was different from what we know today.

We are looking specifically for the following artefacts – but, please contact us if you have anything that you think will be of interest to the loan boxes.

WW2 items

  • ARP (Air Raid Precaution) items (eg. log book, item of uniform, whistle,  helmet, badge, armband)
  • Home Guard items  (eg. uniform, badge, armband, helmet)
  • Fire Guard items (eg. uniform, badge, armband, helmet)
  • Evacuee items (eg. photos, toys, school satchel, clothing, school record book)
  • Ration items (recipe book, poster, leaflet, cookery item, ration book)
  • items of period clothing or uniforms or hats
  • blackout items, such as lamp shields
  • air raid shelter items
  • pieces of scrapnel
  • items to illustrate shortages; make do and mend; Victory Gardens
  • items to illustrate women’s jobs, WVS, WLA

Victorian items

For this box – we are looking for artefacts that have modern day equivalents; eg. curling tongs which can be compared to our straighteners. On the flip side of this – we are also looking for items that aren’t used at all today; eg. glove stretchers. We want objects that can be used by children; anything from the Victorian kitchen and household and also children’s toys and school items.

Here’s a list of items that we came up with as examples.

  • candle snuffer / candle holder,
  • leather gloves / glove stretcher
  • curling tongs
  • dolly tub / wash board
  • dip pen /  ink pot
  • slate board
  • school attendance medal
  • flat iron (small) / triviet
  • kettle
  • darning egg
  • table sweeper brush and pan

Please mail Lisa Geelhood if you have any items that you’d be able to donate to us.





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