Newdigate Carving Class Memorial

Thank you to John Callcut from Newdigate Local History Society for sharing the information on Mrs. Janson and her wood-carving class.

In about 1902 Mrs Janson of Newdigate Place started a woodcarving class to ‘stop the boys from hanging around Mr. Dean’s shop window for the sake of the lighting.’ Their work reached a remarkably high standard, a lot of which can still be seen in the church.

Ten pupils from her class were lost in the First World War. There is a memorial to them in St. Peter’s Church, Newdigate.

Newdigate Wood-carving Memorial.
Photo courtesy of John Callcut.
Newdigate Local History Society

Norman Andrews

William Beadle

John Burberry

Roy Goldsack

Aubrey Hudson

Westley Johns

Arthur Monk

Walter Skinner

Alfred Wooltorton

Photo courtesy of John Callcut. Newdigate Local History Society

The window in the north aisle is dedicated to Mrs. Janson. It depicts Jesus in his father’s carpenter’s shop.

A film by Richard Vobes (The Bald Explorer) on the Wood Carvers of Newdigate

For more information on Mrs Janson’s Woodcarvers class visit the NLHS website to purchase Jane Lilley’s book entitled ‘The Wood-Carvings of St. Peter’s Church, Newdigate’

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