Private Walter Penfold

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Private Walter Penfold was born in 1896, the son of Stephen and Mary Ann. Mary Ann was the second wife of Stephen, as Emma had died in 1883, leaving Stephen with one son. Mary Ann and Stephen had five child together, four girls and Walter.

The Penfold family lived at Highlands, which was on the Broome Hall Estate, where Stephen was employed as an agricultural labourer.

In 1911, Walter was living at Wollocks Farm, Blackbrook, close to Gadbrook. He was employed as a servant and milk boy by widow, Mrs Bishop.

Walter Penfold enlisted into the Royal Sussex Regiment at Horsham, where he was based before being moved to the Middle East. The 1st/4th Battalion in which Walter was enlisted was a territorial battalion. They fought at Gallipoli and later Egypt before moving to Palestine.

Beersheba is a southern town on the edge of the Negev Desert, 75km south-west of Jerusalem. During WW1 the Ottoman had built a military railroad form Hjeaz to Beersheba, which was active until the British Army forced them out in 1917. On 31st October, General Allenby commanded Australian and British Troops in what became known as the last successful cavalry charge in British Military history. Private Walter Penfold was one of 973 British service men buried at the Beersheba Cemetery. He is also commemorated in Coldharbour. Walter was 21 at the time of his death.

Born Holmwood
Son of Stephen and Mary Ann Penfold of “Highlands”, Broome Hall, Coldharbour, Dorking
Enlisted Horsham, Surrey
Regiment C. Coy 1st/4th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment
Number 200932
Date of Death 6th November 1917
Place of Death Palestine
Cause of Death Killed in Action
Age 21
Cemetery Beersheba War Cemetery, Israel

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