Sergeant Frank Charman

Thank you to Jane Anthony for this research.

Like his older brother, Henry James Charman, Frank was one of the seven children of Frank and Elizabeth Charman. He was born in Okewood Hill in about 1895 but the family moved to Stoke Park, Guildford whilst he was still in his childhood. His father was a builder. His parents later moved to Ewhurst.

Like his brother Frank enlisted in the Royal Artillery but served in “D” Battery of the 23rd Brigade. Frank was killed in action on 8th January 1918 aged about 22. He is buried at Bard Cottage Cemetery.

For much of the First World War, the village of Boesinghe (now Boezinge) where the Bard Cottage Cemetery is, directly faced the German line across the Yser canal. Bard Cottage was a house a little set back from the line, close to a bridge called Bard’s Causeway, and the cemetery was made nearby in a sheltered position under a high bank.

Burials were made between June 1915 and October 1918 and they reflect the presence of the 49th (West Riding), the 38th (Welsh) and other infantry divisions in the northern sectors of the Ypres Salient, as well as the advance of artillery, which is how Frank Charman probably lost his life.

Like his brother Henry, Frank is commemorated at Abinger, Okewood Hill and Forest Green, however he is not on the Ewhurst memorial; this is possibly because he was married to Mary at the time of his death and they lived elsewhere.

Born Okewood Hill, Surrey
Lived Guildford, Surrey
Son of Frank and Elizabeth Charman
Brother of Henry James Charman
Husband of Mary Charman
Regiment “D” Battery, 23rd Army Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery
Number 54665
Date of Death 8th January 1918
Place of Death Boezinge, Belgium
Cause of Death Killed in action
Age 22
Memorial Bard Cottage Cemetery, Boezinge, Belgium
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