Dorking 1915 – First War World War Exhibition

Dorking in 1915 Exhibition

The exhibition explores the impact on local life of the thousands of troops billeted here, the dilemma of patriotism, and pacifism, the move towards conscription, and the activities of objectors and peace campaigners.

London Scottish Regiment
London Scottish Regiment

Special feature panels and displays tell the story of Dorking as a garrison town, and the changing patterns of recruitment.

Mrs Pethick-Lawrence on her way to the International Women's Peace Conference 1915
Mrs Pethick-Lawrence on her way to the International Women’s Peace Conference 1915

The panels also highlight the issues facing local groups and movements with particular features on the Quakers and suffragettes.

Additional features around the Museum show how the War affected all aspects of town life.

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These men and women are featured on panels outside the Museum.