20th April 2020 – Artist biographies and online sales

Alfred Charles Jerome Collins
Alfred Charles Jerome Collins

Our volunteers are always looking for things to do from home – and we have various transcripts that need typing up. One of these was an account of local painter George Collins written by his grandson, it’s been sitting in a pile of things to do for months now, but one appeal in our Volunteers facebook group – and the article was typed up and added to the website in the space of six hours. You can read the transcript on the webpage below.

The Museum has been trying to work out a new way of dealing with online sales during the lockdown. Initially – we took everything off sale, but then had a little think through our options.

Many of the books we sell are bought by local people, and as we are going into the museum every couple of weeks to do our checks – we could arrange to leave their books on our doorstep while we are inside. This has worked well for a few collections, and we were able to provide a birthday present of Dorking : A Town Underground for one lucky chap on Saturday. We also have other volunteers who are able to incorporate dropping books off as part of their daily exercise. Another volunteer is friends with a postman – and has arranged for the postman to collect any books that need to go further afield from his doorstep and take them straight into the Post Office.

We don’t sell a huge volume of books – so these processes work very nicely for us.

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