Maud Marianne Cubitt, Lady Ashcombe


Lady Ashcombe (centre) © Ranmore Archive
Lady Ashcombe (centre) © Ranmore Archive

Maud Cubitt was the mother of six boys. The three eldest were killed in the First World War, Henry in 1916, Alick in 1917, and Hugh in 1918.

She was born Maud Marianne Calvert, the daughter of a colonel, and grew up at Ockley Court. In 1890 she married Henry Cubitt, the son of the first Lord Ashcombe. From 1905 the family lived at the great estate of Denbies, which had its own church and school and employed hundreds of local people. In 1917 her father-in-law died, her husband acceded to the title of Lord Ashcombe, and she became Lady Ashcombe.

Lady Ashcombe was the President of the Surrey Branch of the Red Cross from its formation in 1909, throughout the First World War, until her retirement in 1939.

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