World War Two Loan Box

World War Two Loan Box

The Dorking Museum World War Two Loan Box allows children to investigate and explore real and replica objects providing a wealth of information about the war years.  The loan box contains real and replica period artefacts, books, 17 photos of wartime Dorking, an Imperial War Museum Activity Pack and a WW2 Facsimile pack.  The items come packaged in a WW2 era suitcase.

Dorking Museum’s WW2 Loan Box supports the Key Stage Two National Curriculum History topic in the following areas:

Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past

2. a. the characteristic features of the periods and societies studied, including the ideas, beliefs, attitudes and experiences of men, women and children in the past
2. b. the social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of the societies studied, in Britain and the wider world

Historical enquiry

4. a. how to find out about the events, people and changes studied from an appropriate range of sources of information.

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