Old Paulionians Cycle Club

Cycling has always been a big part of Dorking life. In June 2012 – we were sent a number of photos of the Old Paulionians Cycle Club. As the Museum is now working with the Dorking Cycling Club; these photographs were perfect to display.

Photographs donated by Paul Chandler

Paul Chandler mailed to say “An old friend of mine (Len Kilham – 87 years) had asked me if I could find out anything about this club as his father had been a member. He used to ride as a track racer in the twenties, probably at various tracks including Herne Hill. His name was Jack Kilham.”

Photographs donated by Paul Chandler

Jack Kilham is pictured in the top photograph. In the front row. Fourth from left.

His full name was Jack Charles Fenton Killham and, like a lot of riders in those days, he rode both as an amateur and professional on the tracks using the names Jack Killham in one case and Charlie Fenton in the other.

Photograph Lent by Paul Chandler – Old Paulonians Time Trials Start

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